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The Sensed and the Un-Sensed

The Disappearance of the Individual Body and the Myth of the Freedom of Choice in Western Science
is also available as paperback. Here I have placed a downloadable audioversion to serve visually impaired . These consist of 39 chapters following the parts of the book.
ISBN:9789491030062bookcover the sensed

The book described the historical philosophical developments of individual expression in Western science from the early 20th century till modern and post-modern times through of a collection of fictional letters by the author written to key-scientists of social scientific discourse: The letters address Ferdinand De Sausure, Karl Popper, Karl Gustaf Jung, Edward Sapir, Roland Barthes and Jean Baudrillard. The letters are introduced with descriptions of various disciplines and historical contexts. The letters pose questions to the aforementioned scientists about the space for individual expression both inside their work and their influence on the history of disappearing individual expression in Western sciences.

I decicated the book to Stephen A. Tyler from Rice University. He has supported my work over the years as a dear friend and mentor and wrote to me in a comment:

“I have read through it twice with pleasure. Nice work! I particularly liked your conversational style. Found it very engaging and a good way to get the reader involved. So again, Congratulations!! I hope you continue along on this path of publication.”

In the Netherlands apropriate tutors could not be found and I was disappointed by the lack of deeper analytical approaches to Anthropology and the fear of moving beyond levels of generalizations. I have since adjusted the work to my my own honest views on social science and tries to create a new approach in which perceptions from other viewpoints are not excluded. You can find this approach on my page ''semiotic adventures''

I whish you great pleasure with the personal, ironic and humoristic style of the Sensed and the Unsensed. As a small preview I prsesent you here with ''Karl Poppers Biggest Nightmare''!

My students in Shanghai loved reading the work and called the final chapter: ''Letter to the Unknown Scientist'' in which I reverse causality as a thought experiment "Mindblowing''.

Click on Poppers Nightmare for the audiopage files

Poppers Nightmare































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