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Chinese calligraphy

For me, art is the most transparent and powerful medium connecting present, past, future, far, brush workernear, perspective, light and dark. The brush strokes, including those from the past, and the palette play, become like a patchwork of decisions.



Painting: In my oil on canvas paintings all things come together. I have been painting ever since I was 4 years old and learned the technique from my mother. My first painting was a volcano and at four years old I learned you cannot paint without using the color white, much to my mother’s grieve, as zinc white happened be rather expensive and I lavishly played around with it.


Chinese calligraphy

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I love Chinese calligraphy. It is an ongoing project for me as it inspires me, but my striving is not to be a perfect calligrapher. I gave beginners workshops for international students, being an intermediate between cultures aiming to make Chinese calligraphy more accessible for non-Chinese people. I am further mostly fascinated by running script as I love the capacity of Chinese calligraphy to generate individual body expression. Below a short video of wild script: please understand I am not a ''master''. However, all art begins with curiosity. This for me stems from when I first started to learn Chinese characters 40 years ago.

Unfortunately I could not pursue this learning. Lessons where too expensive. But I did have a remarkable experience I like to share. It has become the basis of all my later linguistic work. In those days I was dancing professionally in the field of modern jazz. My training was very intensive, sometimes up to 20 hours a week. At one time in pronouncing and writing a sentence at one time, I was so concentrated I could see the characters on paper dancing to the sound of the pronunciation. I realized how expression and sound are originally connected to the body experience, and also unfortunately, that in the West we have lost access to this phenomena, prevailing grammar over bodily expression. I since then pursue this matter, researching it in my current project Semiotic Adventures.

Here are some movies in how to... the character of hearth (running script), dragon, tiger and fish (seal script)

chinese poem

And some nice images of the workshops I have been teaching:

workshop calligraphy calligraphy shanhai students

calligraphy workshop 2015 / calligraphy workshop international students in Shanghai

calligraphy at accenture

calligraphy workshop accenture

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