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Travelers in the Void between Cultures

The significance and work of cultural anthropology

with Drs. Mariska Stevens

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Semiotic Adventures

Semiotic Adventures is a new project. It follow the research and the conclusions of ''The Sensed and the Unsensed'' and looks at the boundaries of language. It is here where the travelors in the void between cultures come to life as individuals and where social scientific conclusions are prepared to enter history as wisdom, no longer as ultimate objective goals.

The Un-Sensed creates a space, not because it is un-sensed, but because it is not classified. Does exist or not? The ridicule of the question by now should be obvious. If we truly want to understand social and cultural relations, we need to restore individual space. I could care less whether such space is formally acknowledged or not. Ask yourself, why do would care more for Western science than for human individual experience and wisdom? Is it status? Is it riches? If so, than realize this:

“real freedom hardly ever pays, its physical perception cannot be classified as simple as by inscribing language structure. It takes a human body to be an individual and it takes an individual to be a human body (and mind)”

And it all starts with throwing away generalization and the burden of materialism And we will break through the barrier of generalized rationalism to engage in the quest of abstracted wisdom.

Among other I introduced a new Sherlock Holmes to follow in the footsteps of the old one and the open stories you find here if you click on Holmes his residence where he and Dr. Watson talk about the first case. It opens the gate to the audiopage with new stories.

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