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The significance and work of cultural anthropology

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The Advanced Peculiar Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

(click on the images below to hear the audio stories)

In 2013 Sherlock Holmes was finally released from his copyright prison by his descendants who claimed money from the legacy of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. My first created story on Sherlock Holmes has been written in 2014 and is published in ''The Sensed and the Un-Sensed'' in the final chapter: ''Letter to the Un-known Scientist'' . In the ''Sensed'' the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle formed a syntactic illustration, a history of deduction, alongside the history of the disappearing individual body. The story now continues in the current new project. It follows the research and the conclusions of ''The Sensed and the Unsensed'' and looks at the boundaries of language. It is here where the travelers in the void between cultures come to life as individuals and where social scientific conclusions are prepared to enter history as wisdom, no longer as ultimate objective goals. You can listnen to this book on through the ''Sensed'' page.

In this sequence of Holmes stories the adventures is created in the form of audio stories. In time they will be published as a book, equally a follow up of ''The Sensed and the Unsensed''.

Enjoy the plots and become happily confused in time and space! Realized that the narrative in any society suits the suiter and explains little about reality. Such is true wisdom, but what lies beyond......?

Introducing Sherlock Holmes
The Case of the Disappearing Lady (part 1 to 3)
The Case of the Disappearing Lady (part 4 to end)
The House on Black Forest Hill
The Case of the Obsessive Liar (under construction)
The Case of the Abstract Killer (under construction)
The Case of the Sworn Bachelor (under construction)

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