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Travelers in the Void between Cultures

The significance and work of cultural anthropology

with Drs. Mariska Stevens

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Delegation work; Seminars China; Business China Education; University of Amsterdam, Anthropology department

Seminars: Throughout the years I have given many seminars. They range from historical subjects concerning for instance the Japanese destruction of Nanjing and the history of the Korean question. My seminars on sustainanbilitty are part of ongoing research, some other topis can be found on the relevant pages on this websites.

Delegation Work
Since 2006 I have been cooperating with Wang Tao from EuSino Foundation. Next to organizing outgoing missions to China we also received many visits and missions from delegations comming from China. The work connected to this incomming delegation involves contact networks for visists and research on request, combined with specialized presentations. These presentations have a high variety ranging from the Dutch goat industry to public security strategies, harbor constructiona and maintanance, and medicare.


Donghua University Center of International Programs: (see presentation below also )
I develop research in cooperation with Mrs. Ge Yiling at  Donghua University Center of International Programs (CIP) in the field of counseling international students, international institutional contacts and programs in the field of cross-cultural communication. I was a professor at CIP between 2013 and 2017 teaching cross cultural business communication; doing business between China and Europe; the business of psychology and audio-visual techniques. I loved teaching there and the students were from the highest variety of cultural backgrounds I have ever seen in one program. I also taught beginners workshops in Tai Ji Chuan and Chinese calligraphy bridging Chinese and Western culture.
I loved working with the students and with my direct collegues. We had interesting times as CIP was just up and runnibg, but as such the organization managed wonderfully flexible, more than any Dutch university I ever worked for!

The Donghua CIP  Seminars
We also started a platform organizing seminars for Chinese companies and investors in cultural backgrounds of doing business between China and Europe.
I  organized the content, speakers, gave the keynote address and together with Yiling Ge established the contact network with Chinese and Dutch parties. In the years that followed more parties became committed to the initiative. Among them:

  • (Hill International Lawyers and Advisers: Amsterdam/Beijing/Shanghai)
  • (S&P Lawyers Beijing/ Shanghai)
  • Shanghai Returned Scholars Association
  • China Association of International Economic Cooperation
  • Fangben Law

Topics during those years where:
Rule by Economic Law Along the Modern Silk Road: How globalizing  Chinese companies creates new ideas on international economic exchange:Concepts of trust and ethics in the business between Europa and China: 2013: Rule of Law in doing business between China and Europe

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University of Amsterdam

From 1980 to 1995 I worked with the University of Amsterdam in various positions. Next to teaching, I organized research projects with students, supporting low income groups in society. I organized conferences, new programs, alternative education projects and enjoyed the enthousiasm with which students loved to experiment. In 1995 I decided to leave the University as I could not endure the narrow minded mentality from male colleagues any longer. I realized that the social in social sciences had become lost under the mountain of ambitious struggles, conflicts and lack of scientific reflexion. The institutional core became more narrow eacht year and creative new, and innovative research was deliberately frustrated and became impossible. It did not break my hearth but made me look with pitty on those who so obviously needed to dominate to maintain self-esteem. A truly pittifull mentality. I felt there was no longer a reason for me to continue there.

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