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Travelers in the Void between Cultures

The significance and work of cultural anthropology

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Current Research

Constructions of Power; Presentation Chongming; Green Shanghai/Green Strategies

Most of the research I do is longterm research. Many of the themes return in all the different subjects. I aim to share and exchange on research by organizing semiars and presenting lectures on the following topics.

Most current project concerns the crossroads between history and mystery writing, between history and feature films, screenwriting and storybook composition. Below is the first publication of my novel on Nanjing 1937 .

I use thriller novels based on historical events to actualize the past. My approach to history showes how individual dilemmas and complex events are resolved in motivated coincidences. My work opts for the emancipation of the individual as a path to transparent and responsible knowledge beyond the limits of monocausal explanation. Other curent projects are in the making. Among those 'The Waters of New Orleans'' on the historical relations between New Orleans and Haiti and the problem of ''restavecs''. Another project called, ''The Fei Jiangshi Murders of Shanghai'' on the psychological efects of competitive world of modern ballet.

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Construction of Power: Masters of the Universe

This research aims analyze the possibilities for cooperation between China and Europa a joint approach offers solutions in the future in dealing with international corporations and their compliance with corporate social responsibility and their good practice with concern to the world economic trade, poverty, tax avoidance, environmental and pharmaceutical crimes. As the income gap between rich and poor is exponantiolly growing both social and policy sollutions need to be newly developed. The challenge is to seek, publish and effectuate new possibilities and higlight negative action by corporate and policy leaders.

Sustainability, urban solutions and cultural backgrounds in China. Lessons learned from Dutch agriculture

In 2018 I was invited by Shanghai Tongji University to sepak at the Chongming Island conference. In China officials look up to the Netherlands as an example of sustainable agriculture. This is much more the result of Dutch marketing than it is about real sustainability. I gave a presentation from an anthropological point of view accentuating the lessons which can be learned from Dutch strategy mistakes rather than its successes. I have summerized the presentation below. Later, in March 2019 I organized a seminar in the Netherlands on the differences between Dutch and Chinese strategies in dealing with the environment and with sustainability public advertisement strategies. The key-question in this open research focusses on projects concerning:

Urban Agriculture, Cultural Varieties

Now that urban agriculture is taking hold of the cities, it is important to realize we can learn form different initiatives all over the world. Some forms of urban agriculture could be applied everywhere (for instance vertical farming, re-using old buildings as modern greenhouses etc.) However, more local small scale urban agriculture cannot simply be separated from culture. Every country and every city has its own cultural tradition and history, as well as its own cultural heritage. Especially in the field of peri-urban agriculture and household agriculture these factors are rather dominating in the chances for successful projects. How are culture, history and small scale urban agriculture intertwined?

Chongming presentation Dutch lessons learned 2018

Shanghai Chongming Ecological Island International Forum is a high-level international forum co-sponsored by the Science and Technology Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the Chongming County Government. It has been successfully held for 6 sessions since 2006, and more than 1,000 domestic and foreign experts and scholars have been invited to the field. Investigating the actual development of Chongming, it has contributed a lot of insights to Chongming's low carbon development.

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Chongming Island and Green Shanghai

Shanghai, a city most famous for both its rapid urban growth and car implosion, holds all contradictory elements of environmental circumstances present in contemporary China. The city as an example public messages, eco-experiments, policy attempts, advertising and pollution problems one finds a full view of the renaissance on China’s attempt to ‘ecologize’ its national image. Entrepreneurs, organizations in eco production and consumerism could develop new economic visions towards cooperating with China can accomplish Green success. Educational institutions in the field can contemplate on Shanghai cooperation partners. Understanding Shanghai implicates understanding the future gateway to China as well as China’s future in marketing of Green products and inventions. Green Shanghai and the Gateway to China aims to create a platform focusing on excellence of Dutch and Chinese inventions, rather than the slow motion we nowadays call ‘innovation’. It is a platform inviting visions from progressive minds in the socio-cultural aspects of spatial perceptions, green technology, green marketing, urban renaissance and new eco-zones in both China and the Netherlands.The following presentation shows visits to Chongming Eco-island, followed by the presentation on Chinese approaches towards environmental problems in Shanghai.

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